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It isn't enough to be tactical, you must be effective!
TRain with a purpose
Developed by LEOs, First Responders, Physical Therapists and Strength and Conditioning Coaches. 

We believe that being prepared is a way of life; a conscious decision that is made everyday. 

Our program is built for active LEOs, military, first responders, and those looking to get into the profession of protecting lives. 

What are you going to do when it’s your son or daughter, best friend or even a stranger needing your help. 

Will you be EFFECTIVE when the time comes?

In the time of need you are going to revert back to your lowest level of training, so train at the highest level!
What You Get With this program:

Daily Workouts

Daily workouts delivered right to your fingertips

BONUS: Effective Fitness Test

FREE Access to the Effective Fitness Test that you can use to periodically check on your improved performance ($49 value)

BONUS: Rehab Programs

FREE Access to our Shoulder & Knee Rehab Programs ($198 value)

Private Facebook Group

You will have access to our private Facebook group

Ongoing Coaching

You will have direct access to the creators of this program

Health Professionals

You will have ongoing access to physical therapists to help answer questions you may have regarding any past, present or future pain or injuries 
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Access code to the Effective Fitness Program

Access Code to the Effective Fitness Test

BONUS: Access code for FREE access to our Shoulder and Knee Rehab Programs

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Don’t have a false sense of security that you’re going to rip off your shirt and become superman. That doesn’t happen in the real world. You revert back to what you know, you revert back to how you train. So HOW DO YOU TRAIN?

If you don’t train effectively you won’t be effective. IT’S SIMPLE. We train for that one time that we need it. We train years and years and years for the 5 seconds…the one second, WE NEED IT! Don’t be without it.
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